Thesis Statement

My research explored the relationship of independence and Identity in post colonial Indian art in an attempt for me to fill the gap of Indian art history in my art education. My interest in this has to do with the fact that growing up outside of my country of origin (India), my voice and style have been primarily influenced by a western-centric view of the world. This is despite the fact that my family placed a lot of importance on keeping me connected to my roots. A lot of my education and experience growing up has been largely divorced from the South Indian, South Asian culture I was born into, which has led to a large confusion about the direction I want to take with my artistic career.

As an animator and designer, my thesis work is an attempt to explore facets of my identity using my experience living as a South Asian person growing up in a western ethnocentric society. This focus was influenced by the Indian artists in my research paper who explored themes of national identity in a post-colonial society. Using various animation and motion design techniques, I created 8 animated clips following this theme.